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3D Design

Our goal has always been to bridge the gap between architects, designers and their clients. walkTHIShouse streamlines the design and building process and provides the project team with custom visual material that will forever change the way the projects gets executed. Our background in Architecture, Design and Engineering enables us to create unique technical and visual material.     



3D Scanning

[click on the model to explore] 

3D Interactive Models & Measurements

We start our process with creating  a dimensionally accurate interactive 3D model of the existing space. This is truly something that people haven't experienced before.  This fully interactive model can be accessed directly from the internet browser or your phone.    

+ immerse yourself into the space

+ effectively communicate your ideas

+ avoid extra site visits

+ take your construction site to a building department

+ track project status in 3D

+ archive construction phases in 3D

Construction Documents

& Data Extraction

Our unique way of gathering measurements allows us to create a dimensionally accurate 3D model without taking out a tape measure! We use those 3D models to generate construction documents and 3D design models.

+ a new way of drawing and 3D modeling

+ dimensionally accurate floor plans

+ cross section detailing

Floor Plans
3D Modeling & Design

3D Modeling & The Design Process

It is time to experience the world in 3D which is a MUST in the design process.  We extract the data from our interactive models and generate dimensionally accurate 3D models that are ready to be modified to start the design process.   

+ integrate key project components into the live 3D model

+ identify design/construction issues before ground breaks

+ share your model with the design team, clients and investors

Realistic Renderings [interior + exterior]

We spend a lot of time developing beautiful/detailed 3D models so let us take it a step further and create realistic renderings that will convert your project into a digital story.

Interactive Design Models

Realistic rendering isn't good enough? Let us create a 3D walk through of your 3D model. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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