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From Doodles to Making | Our Process of Furniture Design and Fabrication

Being able to visualize something is one thing but knowing how to make an actual product is a whole other story. Here at walkTHIShouse we know how to do both and we always enjoy bringing our customers some of the most unique solutions. We want them to see, feel and interact with their potential product prior to it's fabrication to ensure the best quality. The design process varies depending on the product but we always like to follow some of our basic steps.

  • Doodles, Doodles and More Doodles: All of our designs are born on that first napkin sketch. To me, the sketches have always been the most valuable because it is that first initial idea and the first time that something unique and original has come into the world. I always feel like it is the most special thing because I am the only one who has it. Out of the 7 billion people I am the one who has that sketch laying on my desk. Even when a furniture piece gets made I still look back at that first sketch like it is a piece of treasure.

  • 3-D Models and Materials: Once we have an overall idea of what the furniture piece will look like we move on to creating a couple conceptual 3-D models and renderings. When creating that first 3-D model I always think about what material it is going to be made out of, how that material is going to be handled/cut, how will all of the pieces come together, what joinery methods will be used and finally how will it be installed once the product is fabricated. It is crucial to think about all of those things beforehand because you don’t want to make a mistake of designing something that you are unable to fabricate.

  • Advanced Visualization: Sometimes our customers want to go beyond sketches and renderings and be able to interact and feel their future products. We are able to give them that ability by 3-D printing the 3-D models and creating web enabled models which they can spin around on their computer screens. If we are doing a complete space fit out we cerate 3-D models that our customers can walk through in real time. Now that is a way to immerse into a design


  • Engineering and Fabrication: Once the final design and materials have been chosen we move on to fully engineering the product. Our strong point has always been materials and we know how to work with just every material that you can think of. And if it is something that we never heard of, we get even more excited because we always enjoy a good challenge. It is important to know how a certain material gets cut, finished, joined, how it behaves in different temperatures and how it functions and comes together with other materials.

The process of designing and making is always fun, challenging and rewarding. It is very satisfying to see that first napkin sketch evolve into a full-scale furniture piece that someone will enjoy for many years to come. at walkTHIShouse and our sister company AR.EM^3 we pride ourselves in being able to have full control over the design and fabrication process. We are truly a one-stop shop.

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The Process

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